Oh, HALLO! Its an About Me page! :D

Shameless Nike plug/glimpse of my ‘bedroom’ at Pillow Talk, an awesome pod hostel in Singapore.

My name is Charlee. I live in Singapore and spend my days as a public health worker and student, avid food fan and a ‘wannabe full-time but can only afford sometimes’ type of traveler.

I find About Me pages to be a little weird, because there’s only so much you can write about yourself when the core of your being revolves around eating food and befriending random animals.

Anyway, since every action over the past 4.5 billion years has led to you reading this sentence right now, I feel like it’s appropriate to give you a very special welcome. So hai.

Your arrival to this page isn’t because of chance either. It’s called fate baby, because some of these stories I’ve got are just for you. They are the ones that you can laugh at and relate to, and hopefully they will make your life a little easier when traversing around the globe.

C xx


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